About us

The work objective, i.e. the basic activities of PED Inspect are technical testing and analysis in the field of in the field of  inspection, product certification and management system certification, on the basis Accreditations and Notifications of  PED Inspect company.

PED Inspect employs highly qualified staff experienced in the fields of:

  • Investments and maintenance of technical systems,
  • Design, manufacture and repair of pressure equipment,
  • Elaboration of specifications and QA / QC plans,
  • Elaboration of technical documentation,
  • Analysis and project management,
  • Estimates of the remaining operating life of the equipment,
  • Inspection, testing, technical review and analysis of equipment and materials,
  • Construction and control of mechanical installations and welding works.

Employees are licensed engineers – Responsible Designers and Responsible Contractors, they posses certificates and have completed specialized courses in the fields of work which are the subject of services which our company provides.

At the beginning, we would like to welcome you to PED Inspect, an environment in which people represent the greatest asset and where the work activities provide numerous opportunities for career development. For us, particular attention is given to employee preferences in order to be able to properly stimulate their career development and raise their business results to a higher level through our training program and courses. In this way we believe that we can achieve the best results in the development of human resources thus achieving the desired objectives within PED Inspect.

Career development

The wide range of activities we are performing provides an opportunity for employees to be trained in various fields. Our position is that commitment, a sense of belonging to a team, initiative and striving for constant progress and learning is the most effective way of career development. By our training plans and courses we aim to provide training and high qualifications for our employees in accordance with relevant national and international standards. Our training plan and courses are not only designed to meet the needs of business processes but also to contribute to the development of quality systems towards which we are striving and which we want to develop. Constant surveillance and monitoring of work results allow employees to have a good insight into their work and to properly direct their activities in order to achieve better results and continuous career advancement.


We pay particular attention to the selection process of personnel working in PED Inspect.  Profiles of specialists which we choose must have a team spirit, dedication, self-initiative,  they must be capable to view problems as a challenge and  the solution as a final result. If you can see yourself working in our team, there is always opportunity for employment in our company.

Company integrity

The Regulation of Integrity of PED Inspect company defines the rules and norms of conduct in all domains of work activities. The basic principles defined by the Regulation on Integrity, which are the basis of our work activities are:

  • Ethic principles in the work practice,
  • Transparency,
  • Clear and open communication.

By organizing continuous training, as well as in everyday business practice, we are trying to emphasize the principles of the Regulation on Integrity to all our employees so that it can become a standard which is the basis for business activities in all welding processes in our company.

Regulation on Integrity

The purpose of the Regulation on integrity is to establish a code of conduct of PED INSPECT company Belgrade as well as to give instructions to the staff for everyday work activities.

The Regulation is applicable to all personnel as well as to personnel working for the company based on a contract for occasional and temporary works engaged in PED INSPECT. It is an obligation of all our personnel to respect the provisions of the Regulation, no deviation from the requirements of the Regulation can or will be tolerated and none of the personnel shall suffer any adverse consequences if they respect the requirements of the Regulation.

The Regulation reflects the intention of PED INSPECT for preventing corruption, and also defines the system of values applicable in everyday work activities of the Company.

In addition to these general principles, the Regulation on Integrity contains dispositions related to:

  • Integrity of services;
  • Integrity of financial and other records of the company;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Procurement;
  • Unacceptable benefits;
  • Employee relations;
  • Fair competition;
  • Conformity with the Laws;
  • Inside trading;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Application of the Regulation;
  • Report on any violation of integrity.