Business areas

Work activities

All business activities and processes taking place in PED Inspect have the objective to raise the level of quality of services and to satisfy the requirements of the Client. By this inductive approach we offer solutions to our Clients which are improving the quality, security and minimizing the risks, allowing them to operate more comfortably on the global market which is more and more defined by regulations and norms.

By constant reviewing o the welding processes as well as by the analysis of our Clients’ needs, we strive to provide top quality services and to realize the concept of sustainable and profitable business aiming towards leading positions in our area of expertise.

Recognizing the requirements of the market, integrity, positive business energy, valuation of results based on objective evidence are the values leading us towards constant development and realization of development goals towards which we are striving.


PED INSPECT quality policy and business principles


Our development concept is set up so as to allow us to take leading positions in the country and abroad by strategic and consistent, development-oriented operations based on continuous development and establishing higher standards in the delivery of services, with simultaneous development and training of human resources. In this way we would like to be identified on the market as a reliable partner for cooperation and that our work solutions are recognized as effective and efficient in accordance with standards of service providing.

The work objective

Main work activities of „PED Inspect“ are technical examinations and analysis through services in the field of inspection, certification of products and certification of management systems.

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